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The red pyramid

New York, N.Y. : Hyperion Books for Children, 2010.
516 p. ; 20 cm.
After their father's "research experiment at the British Museum unleashes the Egyptian god Set, Carter and Sadie Kane embark on a dangerous journey across the globe--a quest which brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

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Since their mother's death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, her brother has traveled the world with their father, the brilliant Egyptologist, Dr. Julius Kane.

One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a "research experiment" at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.

Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them--Set has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a dangerous journey across the globe -- a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.


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East ElmhurstJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228607526339Due 6-9-2018
PoppenhusenJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228617368672Due 5-26-2018
PoppenhusenJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228617368664Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228577544981Due 5-29-2018
BaysideJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228608651870Available
BaysideJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228608651888Due 6-2-2018
Langston HughesJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228529210640Available
Glen OaksJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228573166573Due 6-4-2018
AuburndaleJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228566773013Available
MaspethJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228535872227Due 5-25-2018
Jackson HeightsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Coverv.10228609025017Due 5-25-2018
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackBk.10228608185523Due 6-11-2018
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackBk.10228608185531Due 6-11-2018
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackBk.10228608185390Due 6-5-2018
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackBk.10228608185408Due 6-2-2018
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackBk.10228608185507Due 5-21-2018
BriarwoodJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Coverv.10228609027393Available
Broad ChannelJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228613974861Due 5-23-2018
Jackson HeightsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Coverbk.10228613979597Due 5-31-2018
PomonokJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228613981395Available
BaysideJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228590161250Available
Rochdale VillageJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228586344852Available
South Ozone ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228549058169Available
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackBk. 10228590852031Available
Central Library Teen SpaceJ RiordanJuvenile Paperbackbk.10228587259752Due 6-11-2018
East FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile PaperbackJ-Fiction Kane 10228591014805Due 6-1-2018
SeasideJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228591211849Available
Jackson HeightsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228596381639Due 6-4-2018
DouglastonJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228596926318Available
BaysideJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228597171203Due 5-25-2018
BroadwayJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback#10228596384252Due 5-26-2018
PomonokJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228596272358Available
Glen OaksJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228591078362Available
DouglastonJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverBook 10228467115801Due 6-9-2018
AuburndaleJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228586580273Available
AuburndaleJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228586580265Available
Kew Gardens HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228617080715Due 5-21-2018
Kew Gardens HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228617080707Due 6-4-2018
BaysideJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228597049425Due 5-23-2018
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Coverbk.10228576699208On Hold
Kew Gardens HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228617080699Available
North Forest ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk 10228608344989Due 6-2-2018
Bay TerraceJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228570839305Due 5-24-2018
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517207Available
BriarwoodJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517165Available
DouglastonJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackBK.10228613517173Available
ElmhurstJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback#10228613517264Available
AuburndaleJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517199Available
Windsor ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback#1, Kane Chronicles0228613517215Available
Rego ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517140Due 6-1-2018
SteinwayJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517132Due 5-29-2018
SunnysideJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517223Due 6-6-2018
Far RockawayJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517298Due 5-25-2018
Glen OaksJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackKane Chronicles v.10228613517256In Transit
Queensboro HillJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517249Due 5-25-2018
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517280Available
WoodhavenJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228613517348Available
Richmond HillJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228607795116Available
Ozone ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517306Due 5-21-2018
North HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517314Available
Howard BeachJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback#10228613517322Available
Long Island CityJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517231Available
North Forest ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk 10228613517330Available
RidgewoodJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback#10228613514774Available
PeninsulaJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517116Due 6-7-2018
BroadwayJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517454Due 6-2-2018
CoronaJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517447Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613514790Due 6-5-2018
ElmhurstJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback#10228613517413On Hold
BaysideJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback#10228613517439Due 6-5-2018
ArverneJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackv.10228613517371Available
Queens VillageJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228607784128Available
ElmhurstJ RiordanJuvenile Paperbackbk.10228617430373Due 6-2-2018
Baisley ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228607786206In Transit
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517405Due 5-24-2018
Forest HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade PaperbackJ FIC - #1 - Kane Chronicles0228613517355Due 6-9-2018
MaspethJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517272Due 6-8-2018
McGoldrickJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517157Due 5-26-2018
Mitchell-LindenJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackkane #10228613517124Due 5-29-2018
LeffertsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517181Due 5-26-2018
Kew Gardens HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517363Due 6-4-2018
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517421Available
HillcrestJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk. 10228613517389Available
Jackson HeightsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228613517397Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228577871509Due 5-31-2018
North Forest ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228597032769Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228557635502Due 5-30-2018
AstoriaJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228549992334Available
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228531802442Available
SteinwayJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverBk.10228411088062Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228557634877Due 6-9-2018
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverKan Chronicles0228517161383In Transit
SteinwayJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverBk.10228569080713Due 5-29-2018
BriarwoodJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228536615179Available
BriarwoodJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228516753792Available
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverKan Chronicles0228517171515Available
RidgewoodJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228491021777Available
Glen OaksJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Coverbk.10228568122698Available
Rochdale VillageJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228565684963Due 5-5-2014
Forest HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228530280343In Transit
South Ozone ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228549272323Available
SeasideJ RiordanJuvenile Paperbackv. 10228561157782Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228561260412Due 5-17-2018
North HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverBk 10228501725615Due 6-7-2018
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228546069219Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverBook 10228546065985Available
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228485454398Available
Kew Gardens HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228463388899Available
SteinwayJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverBk.10228436508847Due 6-5-2018
Windsor ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663219Available
HollisJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663623Due 5-29-2018
Queens VillageJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663243Due 6-4-2018
Glen OaksJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663334Available
Windsor ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663359Due 6-7-2018
AstoriaJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverBK 10228553663367Available
Rego ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverJ Fiction #10228553662906Available
Hillcrest - Young AdultJ RiordanAdult Hard Coverbk.10228553663227Due 5-30-2018
Middle VillageJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663581Available
Mitchell-LindenJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228546676450In Transit
LaureltonJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663854Available
ArverneJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228519332925Due 6-6-2018
PoppenhusenJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553678753Available
Long Island CityJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover# 1 Kane Chronicles // J FIC0228553663516Available
Long Island CityJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover# 1 Kane Chronicles // J FIC0228553663813Available
CoronaJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663144Available
Rego ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverJ Fiction #10228553663672Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663961Due 6-9-2018
Richmond HillJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228549824974Available
ArverneJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackv. 1 FIC.0228561278851Due 6-7-2018
Mitchell-LindenJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228546657773Due 6-4-2018
Windsor ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228515206198Available
RosedaleJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228531036561Available
PomonokJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228586696202Available
HollisJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228522095634Due 5-31-2018
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228540726079Available
Ozone ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228579371425Available
AstoriaJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback10228585382036Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228577860312Available
Richmond HillJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228535673237Due 5-29-2018
PeninsulaJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228596126661Due 6-7-2018
Long Island CityJ RiordanJuvenile Paperbackbk.10228596068889Available
FlushingJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228596886496Due 6-9-2018
North Forest ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperbackbk.10228597032868Available
Rochdale VillageJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Coverbk.10228586851286Available
Bay TerraceJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228585772343Available
ElmhurstJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228570343183Available
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Trade Paperback0228596230166Due 6-9-2018
Bay TerraceJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228585772335Available
RosedaleJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228531032800Available
Queensboro HillJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228587593853Due 6-5-2018
SteinwayJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228436488396Due 5-31-2018
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228540742696Available
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverKan Chronicles0228467287790Due 5-29-2018
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228540752976Available
Forest HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverJ RIORDAN0228513531654Due 5-26-2018
Mitchell-LindenJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228566069271Due 5-26-2018
Ozone ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228568410036Available
South Ozone ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228560093541Available
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverKan Chronicles0228580896808Available
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228577289769Available
Windsor ParkJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228515173281Available
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228517300973Due 6-6-2018
Mitchell-LindenJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228578673391In Transit
Glen OaksJ RiordanJuvenile Paperbackbk.10228578673375Available
HollisJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228522089272Due 5-29-2018
CoronaJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Coverv. 10228580447743Due 5-31-2018
BelleroseJ RiordanJuvenile Hard CoverKan Chronicles0228517329980In Transit
Fresh MeadowsJ RiordanJuvenile Paperback0228577823906Due 6-7-2018
Forest HillsJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228513266863In Transit
WhitestoneJ RiordanJuvenile Hard Cover0228553663342Available

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$a New York, N.Y. : $b Hyperion Books for Children, $c 2010.
$a 516 p. ; $c 20 cm.
$a The Kane chronicles ; $v bk. 1
$a After their father's "research experiment at the British Museum unleashes the Egyptian god Set, Carter and Sadie Kane embark on a dangerous journey across the globe--a quest which brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.
$a J Apr10-CP
$a Brothers and sisters $v Juvenile fiction.
$a Seth (Egyptian deity) $v Juvenile fiction.
$a Voyages and travels $v Juvenile fiction.
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