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The next best thing


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Summary/Annotation ->  Actors aren't the only ones trying to make it in Hollywood....At twenty-three, Ruth Saunders left her childhood home in Massachusetts and headed west with her seventy-year-old grandma in tow, hoping to make it as a screenwriter. Six years later, she hits the jackpot when she gets The Call: the sitcom she wrote, The Next Best Thing, has gotten the green light, and Ruthie's going to be the showrunner. But her dreams of Hollywood happiness are threatened by demanding actors, number-crunching executives, an unrequited crush on her boss, and her grandmother's impending nuptials. Set against the fascinating backdrop of Los Angeles show business culture, with an insider's ear for writer's room showdowns and an eye for bad backstage behavior and set politics, Jennifer Weiner's new novel is a rollicking ride on the Hollywood roller coaster, a heartfelt story about what it's like for a young woman to love, and lose, in the land where dreams come true.


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WoodsideFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272934Due 11-14-2014
Bay TerraceFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347413Available
Fresh MeadowsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228529446590Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563542593Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563542585Available
Central Adult FictionFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563542619Available
BriarwoodFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347264Available
BelleroseFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347397Due 10-16-2014
LaureltonFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347595Due 10-20-2014
Langston HughesFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347603Available
LeffertsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347611Available
MaspethFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347363Available
Baisley ParkFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347256Available
BaysideFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347249Available
Central Adult FictionFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563542650Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563542577Available
Queens VillageFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563534087Available
Forest HillsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228552014984Available
Long Island CityFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565053813Available
North Forest ParkFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0118495697591Available
Glen OaksFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565005615Available
SteinwayFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565130637Available
Forest HillsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565013676Available
Queens Village MABFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563598215Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563542551Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563542817Available
FlushingFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563543666Available
FlushingFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563543690Available
WhitestoneFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563544052Available
WhitestoneFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228563544045Due 10-30-2014
McGoldrickFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347637Available
Cambria HeightsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347421Available
WhitestoneFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272900Due 11-14-2014
South HollisFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272868Available
Rego ParkFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347785Due 11-10-2014
Richmond HillFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347801Available
PoppenhusenFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347736Available
RidgewoodFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272827Available
SeasideFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272876Available
St.AlbansFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272843Available
SunnysideFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272884Due 10-21-2014
South JamaicaFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272892Available
South Ozone ParkFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272918Available
WoodhavenFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272942Available
Jackson HeightsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347579Available
PomonokFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347777Available
Windsor ParkFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565272959Available
Howard BeachFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347512Available
Far RockawayFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347660Due 11-5-2014
Court SquareFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347553Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347587Due 11-5-2014
PeninsulaFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347769Available
Forest HillsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347678Due 10-27-2014
DouglastonFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347520Available
GlendaleFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347538Available
ElmhurstFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347694Available
East ElmhurstFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347702Available
East FlushingFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347710Available
North HillsFIC WeinerAdult Hard Cover0228565347744Available
Windsor ParkFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565368906Due 10-30-2014
Richmond HillFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369326Available
Middle VillageFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369318Available
South Ozone ParkFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565368914Available
MaspethFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369342Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369300Available
WoodsideFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228560340447Available
ArverneFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228562566767Available
BriarwoodFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369409Available
Broad ChannelFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228572333141Available
BaysideFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228540045819Available
SunnysideFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565368922Available
BroadwayFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369243Available
DouglastonFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369391Available
Bay TerraceFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565368864Available
AstoriaFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369250Due 11-7-2014
AuburndaleFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565368856Available
BelleroseFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565368849Available
Jackson HeightsFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369359Available
ElmhurstFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369383Available
GlendaleFIC WeinerAdult Trade Paperback0228565369367Available
Rochdale VillageFIC WeinerBestseller0228565272850Available
Lefrak CityFIC WeinerBestseller0228565347629Available
HillcrestFIC WeinerBestseller0228565347546Due 12-3-2012

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01177nam a22003378a 4500
120516s2012 nyu 000 1 eng
$a 2012-015557
$a 9781451617757 (hbk.) : $c $27.00
$a 1451617755
$a 9781451617764 (pbk.) : $c $16.00
$a 201305161215 $b jjacobs $c 201305161212 $d jjacobs $c 201205210832 $d ashuja $y 201205161010 $z jlin $w ACPFJun12.dat $x 13
$a DLC $c DLC
$a 0813/.6 $2 23
$a 081.6000
$a FIC Weiner
$a Weiner, Jennifer.
$a The next best thing : $b a novel / $c Jennifer Weiner.
$a 1st Atria Books hardcover ed.
$a New York : $b Atria Books, $c 2012.
$a 389 p. ; $c 24 cm.
$a A Jun12-CP
$a Women screenwriters $v Fiction.
$a Self-realization in women $v Fiction.
$a Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif.) $v Fiction.
$2 BISAC $a FICTION / Contemporary Women
$a ASHUJA-CC:0512
$a VTLSSORT0080 0100 0202 0200 0201 0390 0400 0820 0920 0990 1000 2450 2500 2600 3000 5990 6500 6501 6510 6540 9950 9992

I have been a fan of Jennifer Weiner for a very long time, but this book is beyond disappointing. I doubt I will ever pick up another one of her books. This dragged on endlessly and could have been written in half the pages.