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New York : Little, Brown & Co., 2012.
503 p. ; 25 cm.
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FIC Rowling
When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock and the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen.


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Richmond HillFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228535647520Available
Richmond HillFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228535999103Available
FlushingFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228563478228Available
FlushingFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228563478749Available
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Glen OaksFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228565246201Due 5-7-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228563520508Available
Forest HillsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228513456084Due 5-8-2014
North HillsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561451797Available
East FlushingFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228565118525Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228563267282Due 4-25-2014
Fresh MeadowsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228563222436Available
WhitestoneFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228563234431Due 4-21-2014
WhitestoneFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228563234449Available
Lefrak CityFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228529450071Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529449834Available
Howard BeachFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208056Available
MaspethFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208437Available
Richmond HillFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208049Due 5-8-2014
PoppenhusenFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208031Available
North HillsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207892Available
McGoldrickFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208106Available
PoppenhusenFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208023Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529450105Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529449875Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529453349Due 5-3-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529450014Available
HollisFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228529449941Available
PomonokFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228529449958Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561701340Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529468065Available
Forest HillsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228513493129Due 4-21-2014
FlushingFIC RowlingAdult Trade Paperback0228560763028Available
BaysideFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228540046072Due 4-28-2014
Mitchell-LindenFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228546403871Available
Howard BeachFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228555471819Due 4-24-2014
HillcrestFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228564612288Due 5-9-2014
FlushingFIC RowlingAdult Trade Paperback0228560763036Available
Broad ChannelFIC RowlingAdult Trade Paperback0228573684054Available
Bay TerraceFIC RowlingAdult Trade Paperback0228569776484Due 5-6-2014
WoodsideFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228568860602Available
Ozone ParkFIC RowlingAdult Trade Paperback0228572368113Due 5-1-2014
PoppenhusenFIC RowlingAdult Trade Paperback0228572224811Due 5-9-2014
Windsor ParkFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228518528200Due 4-23-2014
Forest HillsFIC RowlingAdult Trade Paperback0228513500840Due 5-9-2014
ElmhurstFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228546077923Available
Fresh MeadowsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228563983276Due 5-9-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529470475Due 4-23-2014
Long Island CityFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561292092Available
AstoriaFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561356699Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529468081Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529467422Due 4-28-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC RowlingAdult Hot Picks- 21 Day0228529468073Available
DouglastonFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561370708Due 5-5-2014
Glen OaksFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561384493Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228564256821Available
Rego ParkFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228529340306Due 5-1-2014
Central Adult FictionFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228564256839Due 5-6-2014
Jackson HeightsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228555537130Available
AuburndaleFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228546041226Available
North Forest ParkFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207959Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207934Available
WhitestoneFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228565362917Available
WhitestoneFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208189Due 4-16-2014
WoodhavenFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228565362933Available
PeninsulaFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208015Available
DouglastonFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208353Due 4-1-2014
Rochdale VillageFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208163Available
SunnysideFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208114Available
Lefrak CityFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207496Available
Bay TerraceFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207827Available
East FlushingFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207843Available
Court SquareFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207850Due 4-28-2014
Middle VillageFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207942Available
GlendaleFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207835Available
Bay TerraceFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207819Available
WoodsideFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208239Available
CoronaFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208338Available
RidgewoodFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207330Available
Baisley ParkFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207389Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207264Due 5-2-2014
Kew Gardens HillsFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207256Due 5-2-2014
RidgewoodFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207322Available
Rego ParkFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207348Due 4-14-2014
HollisFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207504Available
BroadwayFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208403Due 4-28-2014
Langston HughesFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208064Available
East ElmhurstFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208247Available
Far RockawayFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207454Available
Cambria HeightsFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208387Available
ElmhurstFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208379Available
Jackson HeightsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207280Available
Ozone ParkFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208072Due 4-23-2014
BriarwoodFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208346Available
South JamaicaFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208130Available
PomonokFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208007Available
Queens Village MABFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208171Available
WoodsideFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208254Available
Far RockawayFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207447Available
SteinwayFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208288Available
South Ozone ParkFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228565362925Available
St.AlbansFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207975Available
HillcrestFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207884Due 4-24-2014
South HollisFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208122Due 5-5-2014
SteinwayFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228424641303Available
ArverneFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208197Available
ArverneFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208320Available
Windsor ParkFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208221Due 5-8-2014
Forest HillsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207363Due 4-30-2014
LeffertsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207231Available
BaysideFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207405In Transit
Central Adult FictionFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207306Due 4-24-2014
LaureltonFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207249Available
Queens VillageFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207314Available
Forest HillsFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207371Available
Queens VillageFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207215Due 4-28-2014
SunnysideFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208148Available
FlushingFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207488Available
BriarwoodFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561208395Available
Long Island CityFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561208213Due 5-5-2014
BaysideFIC RowlingAdult Hard Cover0228561207421In Transit
BroadwayFIC Rowling21 Day Non-Requestable0228561207397Due 4-30-2014

Reviews and Notes

Summary/Annotation ->  A big novel about a small town... When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock. Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town at war. Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils...Pagford is not what it first seems. And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity, and unexpected revelations? A big novel about a small town, The Casual Vacancy is J.K. Rowling's first novel for adults. It is the work of a storyteller like no other.

Customer Reviews

I love everything about that book. The language, the story which goes slowly, and the characters. I didn't wanted to read it first after reading all the reviews, but I'm glad I did. Now it's one of my favorite books.

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120720s2012 nyu e 000 1 eng d
$a bl2012-025389
$a 9780316228534 (hbk.) : $c $35.00
$a 0316228532
$a 9780316228589 (pbk.) : $c $18.00
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$a NjBwBT $c NjBwBT
$a 823/.914 $2 23
$a 823.9140
$a FIC Rowling
$a Rowling, J. K.
$a The casual vacancy / $c J. K. Rowling.
$a New York : $b Little, Brown & Co., $c 2012.
$a 503 p. ; $c 25 cm.
$a When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock and the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen.
$a A Aug12-CP
$a City council members $x Death $v Fiction.
$a Local elections $v Fiction.
$a Country life $z England $v Fiction.
$a England $v Fiction.
$2 BISAC $a FICTION / Psychological
$a SISLAM-CC:0912
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