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Maya's Notebook


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Summary/Annotation ->  Neglected by her parents, nineteen-year-old Maya Nidal has grown up in a rambling old house in Berkeley with her grandparents. Her grandmother Nidia, affectionately known as Nini, is a force of nature--willful and outspoken, unconventionally wise with a mystical streak, and fiercely protective--a woman whose formidable strength helped her build a new life after emigrating from Chile in 1973. Popo, Maya's grandfather, is an African American astronomer and professor--a gentle man whose solid, comforting presence helps calm the turbulence of Maya's adolescence. When Popo dies of cancer, Maya goes completely off the rails. With her girlfriends--a tight circle known as the Vampires--she turns to drugs, alcohol, and petty crime, a downward spiral that eventually bottoms out in Las Vegas. Lost in a dangerous underworld, she is caught in the crosshairs of warring forces--a gang of assassins, the police, the FBI, and Interpol. Her one chance for survival is Nini, who helps her escape to a remote island off the coast of Chile. Here Maya tries to make sense of the past, unravels mysterious truths about life and about her family, and embarks on her greatest adventure: the journey into her own soul.


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East FlushingFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228565758460Available
SeasideFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561360022Available
Rego ParkFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190939Due 9-18-2014
Queens VillageFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190855Available
AuburndaleFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190822Available
Glen OaksFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228546267573Due 9-29-2014
North Forest ParkFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228546267599Due 9-15-2014
Queens Village MABFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228568011735Available
FlushingFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228568129842Available
Glen OaksFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561175172Available
Central Adult FictionFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228565450977In Transit Requested
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228565450928Available
GlendaleFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572191184Available
BaysideFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190905Available
BookmobileFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190954Due 9-11-2014
BriarwoodFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190863Due 10-3-2014
North Forest ParkFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190921Available
HollisFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190913Available
St.AlbansFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572191135Available
Windsor ParkFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572191127Available
Fresh MeadowsFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190897Available
Windsor ParkFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572182274Available
North HillsFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190830Available
DouglastonFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572190814Available
Windsor ParkFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228572191176Available
WhitestoneFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228568128992Available
McGoldrickFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062313Available
Ozone ParkFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062222Available
Bay TerraceFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062289Available
MaspethFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062149Available
Howard BeachFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062156Available
Richmond HillFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062206Available
HillcrestFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062271Available
Langston HughesFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062263Available
Forest HillsFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062370Due 10-6-2014
Fresh MeadowsFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062230Due 9-13-2014
LeffertsFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062107Available
BaysideFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062099Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062214Available
SteinwayFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062453Due 9-29-2014
Queens VillageFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062354Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062347Available
Jackson HeightsFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062362Available
BriarwoodFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062321Available
ElmhurstFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062131Available
Far RockawayFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062255Due 10-3-2014
RidgewoodFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062388Available
SunnysideFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062198Available
WoodsideFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062164Available
SeasideFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062180Available
WhitestoneFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062172Available
BroadwayFIC AllendeAdult Hard Cover0228561062115Available

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$b HarperCollins, $c 2013.
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