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Marc Record

Tough call on this one. I enjoyed the first third of the book, basically right up until he meets Mariah Carey. After that it is all about artists I dislike, Mr. Mottola's "I told you so" attitude and playing the blame game. I especially took exception to his pronouncement that record stores (namely Tower) could've saved themselves by diverting all resources to online sales. He conveniently forgets that Sony and the rest were unwilling to license music downloads to record stores (just like eBook publishers are doing now to libraries). Without affordable and easy access to digital product, no record store website was going to compete in any significant way with Amazon or Napster. By the end I was ready to throw this book against a wall. Mr. Mottola may be Mr. Sensitive to his friends, but he comes across as Mr. Arrogant Narcissist too often in his narrative.