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From head to toe

[New York] : HarperCollins, c1997. (JPAP1-04/05)(CPJ18-05/06)
1 v. (unpaged) : col. ill. ; 32 cm.
Encourages the reader to exercise by following the movements of various animals; presented in a question and answer format.

Reviews and Notes

Summary/Annotation ->  What does an elephant do? It stomps its foot. Can you? From the creator of such beloved classics as The Grouchy Ladybug and The Mixed-Up Chameleon comes this interactive story that invites kids to imitate animal movements. Watching giraffes bend their necks or monkeys wave their arms is fun, but nothing could be better than joining in. From their heads down to their toes, kids will be wriggling, jiggling, and giggling as they try to keep up with these animals!Alligators wiggle, elephants stop, gorillas thump, and giraffes bend. Can you do it? ' I can do it!' is the confidence-building message of this fun-filled interactive picture book. A variety of familiar animals invite young children to copy their antics, and as they play, they will learn such important skills as careful listening, focusing attention, and following instructions. Just as alphabet books introduce the very young child to letters and simple words, From Head to Toe introduces the basic body parts and simple body movements. And in the same way that children progress from understanding simple words to reading and writing sentences and stories, so they will progress from simple body movements to dancing, gymnastics, and other sports and activities, with confidence and pleasure. Eric Carle's colorful collages have delighted children for more than a generation. Each book provides hours of fun while encouraging them to stretch their imaginations. His matchless words and illustrations now send out a new challenge: Are you ready? Here we go! Move yourself From Head to Toe.


LocationCall NumberItem Typesort iconVolumeBarcodeStatus
Queens VillageJ CarleJuvenile Trade Paperback0228526603847Available
Langston HughesJ CarleJuvenile Trade Paperback0228529247287Available
BelleroseJ CarleJuvenile Reference0228486910810Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CarleJuvenile Reference0118472683416Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690735Available
Glen OaksJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690727Available
GlendaleJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690750Available
SteinwayJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536691055Available
HillcrestJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690743Available
Forest HillsJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690701Available
WoodsideJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690677Available
LeffertsJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690966Available
Langston HughesJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690982Available
MaspethJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536691006Available
McGoldrickJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690990Available
Long Island CityJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690669Available
St.AlbansJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536691048Available
FlushingJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690685Available
South JamaicaJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536691014Due 3-23-2015
Richmond HillJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690768Available
Queensboro HillJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690776Available
Rochdale VillageJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690834Due 3-7-2015
RosedaleJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690826Available
Langston HughesJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536583146Available
Langston HughesJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536583153Due 3-25-2015
BookmobileJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690784Available
PoppenhusenJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690859Available
SunnysideJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690909Due 3-14-2015
LaureltonJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690644Available
South Ozone ParkJ CarleJuvenile PaperbackSRC 110228536690891Available
WhitestoneJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690883Available
Windsor ParkJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690867Due 3-18-2015
South HollisJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536691022Available
HollisJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690610Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228555026837Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228555026555Available
FlushingJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228555183034Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228555026845Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228555028197Available
Bay TerraceJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676809Available
BroadwayJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690123Due 2-14-2012
East FlushingJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536612895Available
CoronaJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228561564789Available
ArverneJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228562431913Available
Mitchell-LindenJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228572600275Available
ElmhurstJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228569869735Available
South Ozone ParkJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228560092634Available
BelleroseJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228546137016Available
Glen OaksJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228568056367Available
BriarwoodJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676791Due 3-25-2015
CoronaJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676783Available
North Forest ParkJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676684Available
Middle VillageJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676668Available
East ElmhurstJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676734Due 11-20-2013
East FlushingJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676726Available
Queensboro HillJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228516483382Available
Howard BeachJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690651Available
ElmhurstJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676676Due 3-20-2015
DouglastonJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676742Available
ArverneJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676569Available
AstoriaJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676767Due 3-19-2015
AuburndaleJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676551Available
BaysideJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676536Due 3-20-2015
Court SquareJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676759Available
Baisley ParkJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536676510Available
Jackson HeightsJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690636Due 3-18-2015
Rego ParkJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536690800Available
GlendaleJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228529026848Available
Queensboro HillJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228516483234Available
HollisJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228521772431Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228522790929Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228552407733Due 3-5-2015
Queens VillageJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228526562142Due 3-16-2015
Long Island CityJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228536716662Available
SunnysideJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228539080058Available
RidgewoodJ CarleJuvenile Paperback0228548262283Available
AstoriaJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408328Due 3-23-2015
LaureltonJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408450Available
Jackson HeightsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0118461096729Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228559810293Available
CoronaJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228554884939Due 3-18-2015
AuburndaleJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408336Available
RidgewoodJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228559647273Available
Baisley ParkJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228426781750Available
Cambria HeightsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228487751411Available
Cambria HeightsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910893Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436845884Available
Cambria HeightsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228487751395Available
CoronaJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228427772014Available
BriarwoodJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408534Available
AuburndaleJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910752Due 3-9-2015
BriarwoodJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436845983Available
GlendalePICTUREJuvenile Hard Cover0228438712918Available
BaysideJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910786Available
Far RockawayJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228447193589Available
BroadwayJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486557959Available
Kew Gardens HillsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228573245815Available
Baisley ParkJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228582928476Due 3-25-2015
Baisley ParkJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228582928468In Transit
ArverneJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228562431202Due 3-11-2015
Broad ChannelJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228565819767Due 3-16-2015
Long Island CityJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228536716670Available
Glen OaksJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228405641108Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228522790812Available
Glen OaksJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228568053109Due 3-17-2015
Forest HillsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436845827Available
CoronaJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228560760966Due 3-20-2015
FlushingJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228515632930Due 3-10-2015
CoronaJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228561564771Available
HollisJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910612Available
Bay TerraceJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228428891318Available
Bay TerraceJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408559Due 3-13-2015
Court SquareJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910844Due 3-4-2015
HillcrestJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408419Available
East FlushingJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910919Available
WhitestoneJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228485488347Due 3-10-2015
East FlushingJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0118463318675Available
Broad ChannelJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408260Due 3-5-2015
Long Island CityJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228463304730Available
Forest HillsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228511515733Available
BaysideJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228539748076Due 3-7-2015
Long Island CityJPICTUREJuvenile Hard Cover0228512928869Available
SteinwayJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228556875091Available
CoronaJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228541527526Due 3-5-2015
Langston HughesJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436845967Available
WoodsideJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228522160214Due 3-5-2015
South JamaicaJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436845942Available
South HollisJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436845876Available
Howard BeachJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910620Available
Lefrak CityJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910695Available
McGoldrickJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436845900Available
Howard BeachJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408427Due 3-16-2015
Howard BeachJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0118499930246Available
GlendaleJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910638Available
HollisJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408351Available
McGoldrickJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0118473908283Available
McGoldrickJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910703Available
Richmond HillJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0118498960558Requested for Loan
St.AlbansJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228456102562Available
Ozone ParkJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228497088648Available
Ozone ParkJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0118476612015Available
MaspethJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228486910711Available
North HillsJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228436846007Available
GlendaleJ CarleJuvenile Hard Cover0228502408401Available

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01346cam a2200361 a 4500
951218s1997 nyua j 000 0 eng
$a 95-53141 /AC
$a 0060235160 (hbk.): $c $16.89
$a 0060235152 (hbk.) : $c $16.95
$a 0064435962 (pbk.) : $c $6.95
$a 9781448784066 (hbk.) : $c $23.50
$a stmpAFK-9330
$a 201308020925 $b mzheng $c 200912071504 $d rramdhan $y 200806231741 $z load
$a DLC $c DLC $d DLC
$a GV481 $b .C38 1997
$a 613.7/1 $2 20
$a J Carle
$a Carle, Eric.
$a From head to toe / $c Eric Carle.
$a 1st ed.
$a [New York] : $b HarperCollins, $c c1997. (JPAP1-04/05)(CPJ18-05/06)
$a 1 v. (unpaged) : $b col. ill. ; $c 32 cm.
$a Encourages the reader to exercise by following the movements of various animals; presented in a question and answer format.
$a Exercise $v Juvenile literature.
$a Physical fitness $v Juvenile literature.
$a 08/11/1997 $b 11/15/2006
$a VTLSSORT0010 0080 0100 0200 0201 0202 0203 0350 0400 0500 0820 0990 1000 2450 2500 2600 3000 5200 5900 6500 6501 9450 9480 9992