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Elijah of Buxton

New York : Scholastic, 2007.
p. cm.
In 1859, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, which is a haven for slaves fleeing the American south, uses his wits and skills to try to bring to justice the lying preacher who has stolen money that was to be used to buy a family's freedom.

Reviews and Notes

Summary/Annotation ->  Master storyteller Christopher Paul Curtis lends his trademark humour and vibrant narrative style to the gripping tale of eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman. The first child born into freedom in Buxton, Ontario, a settlement of runaway slaves just over the border from Detroit, Elijah is best known in his hometown as the boy who threw up on Frederick Douglass. Not on purpose, of course he was just a baby then! But things change when a former slave calling himself the Right Reverend Zephariah W. Connerly the Third steals money from Elijah's friend Mr. Leroy, who has been saving to buy his family out of captivity in the South. Elijah joins Mr. Leroy on a dangerous journey to America in pursuit of the disreputable preacher, and he discovers firsthand the unimaginable horrors of the life his parents have fled a life from which he'll always be free, if he can find the courage to get back home. Exciting yet evocative, heart-wrenching yet hilarious, Elijah of Buxton is Christopher Paul Curtis at his very best and it's an unforgettable testament to the power of hope.


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SteinwayJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363403Available
Windsor ParkJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363585Due 7-14-2015
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South Ozone ParkJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackSRC '130228564363445Available
PomonokJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364203Available
St.AlbansJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363411Available
PoppenhusenJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364195On Hold
Queens VillageJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363353Available
WoodsideJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363379Due 7-13-2015
Richmond HillJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363460Available
AuburndaleJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363270Available
Cambria HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363312Available
Court SquareJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363320Available
ElmhurstJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364393Available
East ElmhurstJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364401In Transit Requested
FlushingJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364112In Transit
East FlushingJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364120Available
BriarwoodJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363338Available
CoronaJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363304Available
BroadwayJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackJ FIC0228564363239Available
AstoriaJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363288Available
Baisley ParkJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363247Available
BelleroseJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363254Available
BaysideJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363262Available
South HollisJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363429Available
South JamaicaJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564363437Available
PeninsulaJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228567919516Available
ArverneJ CurtisJuvenile Trade PaperbackFIC.0228565791115Available
FlushingJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228568012295Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228546274769Available
Jackson HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackFic0228565434682Due 7-20-2015
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228546274744Available
ArverneJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackFIC.0228565791123Available
Queens VillageJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228569766055Available
Kew Gardens HillsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228573398838Available
St.AlbansJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228543347071Available
LaureltonJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackFICTION0228561363257Due 7-13-2015
ArverneJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackFiction0228566482482Due 7-23-2015
Broad ChannelJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228560723709Available
Jackson HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228565434690Available
Glen OaksJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228568119488Available
North Forest ParkJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364138Available
North HillsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364153Available
Middle VillageJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364146Available
Mitchell-LindenJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364179Due 7-21-2015
Lefrak CityJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364294Available
McGoldrickJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364161Available
Langston HughesJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364286Due 7-22-2015
MaspethJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364260Available
Long Island CityJ CurtisJuvenile Paperbackhistorical fiction0228564329834Available
ElmhurstJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228507438817Available
Glen OaksJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564396130Available
Ozone ParkJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564339189Available
LeffertsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364278Available
GlendaleJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364310Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364377Available
Richmond HillJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228515639802Available
St.AlbansJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503564301Available
PomonokJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228498596870Available
Ozone ParkJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228525093412Available
GlendaleJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228506918389Available
MaspethJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228521249885Available
South HollisJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228515777438Available
South JamaicaJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503559780Available
Langston HughesJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503564111Available
Far RockawayJ CurtisJuvenile Hard CoverFICTION0228510682567Available
Queensboro HillJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503558568Available
SunnysideJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503563543Available
SteinwayJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228515749155Available
CoronaJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228521292034Available
Cambria HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228509594823Due 7-17-2015
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228519717182Available
BaysideJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503557180Available
Rego ParkJ FictionJuvenile Hard Cover0228503555192Available
South Ozone ParkJ FICJuvenile PaperbackNEWBERY0228455206554Available
Long Island CityJ FICJuvenile Hard Cover0228511188770Available
Jackson HeightsJ FICJuvenile Hard Cover0228504763167Available
FlushingJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503410190Available
FlushingJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228515653787Due 7-23-2015
LaureltonJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228511169432Available
Baisley ParkJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503562917Available
LaureltonJ CurtisJuvenile Hard CoverFICTION0228511169457Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228503553288Available
FlushingJ CurtisJuvenile Hard Cover0228515654181Available
AstoriaJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228529151117Available
Cambria HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228544217729Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513641982Due 7-6-2015
HillcrestJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackHISTORICAL FIC0228513641974Available
Cambria HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642113Due 7-23-2015
Howard BeachJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackHist Fict0228513641990Available
Forest HillsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642006Due 7-20-2015
Jackson HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackFic0228513642154Available
McGoldrickJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642170Available
Rochdale VillageJ CurtisJuvenile Hard CoverJ FIC0228411754994Due 7-11-2015
HollisJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364336Available
DouglastonJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228564364385Available
Howard BeachJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackHist Fict0228564364302Available
HillcrestJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback"HIstorical Fiction"0228564364328Available
Jackson HeightsJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackFic0228564364344Due 7-22-2015
LeffertsJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642196Due 7-9-2015
Rochdale VillageJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642048Available
BaysideJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228541619141Available
BaysideJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642253Due 7-23-2015
North Forest ParkJ CurtisJuvenile PaperbackNewbery0228499438379Available
LaureltonJ CurtisJuvenile Hard CoverFICTION0228520547255Available
Fresh MeadowsJ CurtisJuvenile Hard CoverNEWBERY0228532741359Available
SeasideJ CurtisJuvenile Trade Paperback0228520837961Available
Long Island CityJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228507682562Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228507682539Available
South JamaicaJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642014Due 7-23-2015
AuburndaleJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642246Available
Richmond HillJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642063Available
Queens VillageJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642089Available
MaspethJ CurtisJuvenile Paperback0228513642188Available
Howard BeachFICJuvenile Hard CoverHist. Fic0228524091334Available

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$a Curtis, Christopher Paul.
$a Elijah of Buxton / $c Christopher Paul Curtis.
$a 1st ed.
$a New York : $b Scholastic, $c 2007.
$a 0710
$a p. cm.
$a In 1859, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, which is a haven for slaves fleeing the American south, uses his wits and skills to try to bring to justice the lying preacher who has stolen money that was to be used to buy a family's freedom.
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$a Ontario $v Juvenile fiction.
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