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A poor excuse for a dragon

New York : Random House, c2011.
47 p. : col. ill. ; 24 cm.
When Fred the dragon leaves home he learns that he is not very good at roaring or breathing fire and swallowing people only makes him ill, but with help from a witch, a giant, and a wise boy he finds his true calling.

Reviews and Notes

Summary/Annotation ->  "Punchy dialogue and compact sentences should make this a read-aloud delight." --Publishers Weekly "Part-slapstick, part-fairy tale, the gently humorous plot has enough twists and turns to keep newly independent readers engaged. "--School Library Journal Fred the dragon has a list of tasks he must complete in order to be a successful dragon--none of which comes naturally. But he's determined to make #5--eat people--work. Before you can say "pass the salt" he's gobbled up three people even though he doesn't have the stomach for it. Luckily a local shepherd, with the help of a giant and a witch, knows how to cure what ails him and get those pesky people out of his belly. It's happily-ever-after for everyone in ways you'd never expect. Geisel award-winning author/illustrator Geoffrey Hayes is a stepped reader maestro. The common threads between his wildly popular Uncle Tooth and Otto SIRs and the more recent Benny and Penny series (Toon Books) are clear and constant. The art is adorable, the characters are bursting with personality, and the stories are humorously subversive. From marauding pirates to misbehaving mice to a dragon who swallows people whole (and then continues to communicate with them in his belly!), Geoffrey always hits that sweet spot for the stepped reader audience--easy to decode, illustrative tales that tickle the funnybone.


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BelleroseJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228561674257Due 6-15-2015
Jackson HeightsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293485Due 5-9-2015
Langston HughesJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293527Due 5-8-2015
Far RockawayJ HayesJuvenile PaperbackC - COLLECTION0228564294103Due 5-7-2015
Richmond HillJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293337Due 5-7-2015
Glen OaksJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564396064Due 5-26-2015
Ozone ParkJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293394Due 5-26-2015
BroadwayJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293097Due 5-23-2015
BroadwayJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564460423Due 5-23-2015
FlushingJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228568235433Due 5-23-2015
Forest HillsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228565564371Due 5-23-2015
Windsor ParkJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293204Due 5-22-2015
DouglastonJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228551278648Due 5-21-2015
ElmhurstJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294160Due 5-20-2015
PomonokJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293311Due 5-19-2015
AstoriaJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293105Due 5-19-2015
South Ozone ParkJ HayesJuvenile PaperbackSRC '130228564293170Due 5-18-2015
BaysideJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293154Due 5-18-2015
RosedaleJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293303Due 5-18-2015
Cambria HeightsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294202Due 5-18-2015
LeffertsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293535Due 5-18-2015
FlushingJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228568235441Due 5-16-2015
Richmond HillJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293352Due 5-15-2015
HillcrestJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293469Due 5-14-2015
GlendaleJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293501Due 5-13-2015
Jackson HeightsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228565436083Due 5-13-2015
LaureltonJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293550Due 5-12-2015
Jackson HeightsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293493Due 5-11-2015
FlushingJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294087Due 5-11-2015
SunnysideJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293162Due 5-11-2015
AuburndaleJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293113Available
CoronaJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228582933500Available
BelleroseJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293139Available
BelleroseJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293121Available
BaysideJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293147Available
SeasideJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228562777570Available
ArverneJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228565759500Available
FlushingJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228568235219Available
Queens VillageJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564739966Available
Queens VillageJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564739974Available
Glen OaksJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228556609664Available
Long Island CityJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564329339Available
Broad ChannelJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564338959Available
Langston HughesJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228565918650Available
Glen OaksJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228556608542Available
Rochdale VillageJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228565684740Available
Bay TerraceJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293071Available
Baisley ParkJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293063Available
RidgewoodJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293360Available
North Forest ParkJ HayesJuvenile PaperbackSTEP #40228564293402Available
Middle VillageJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293386Available
BroadwayJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293089Available
BriarwoodJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293014Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293030Available
CoronaJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293022Available
Mitchell-LindenJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293444Available
MaspethJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293436Available
Lefrak CityJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228534162596Available
Lefrak CityJ HayesJuvenile Hard Cover0228534162224Available
HollisJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293519Available
Lefrak CityJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293568Available
McGoldrickJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293428Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293055Available
DouglastonJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294194Available
Rochdale VillageJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293295Available
Rego ParkJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293378Available
SteinwayJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293279Available
SteinwayJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293287Available
South JamaicaJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293238Available
South HollisJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293261Available
Queens VillageJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293345Available
North HillsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564293410Available
East FlushingJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294178Available
Court SquareJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294145Available
Forest HillsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294095Available
Fresh MeadowsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294129Available
Fresh MeadowsJ HayesJuvenile Paperback0228564294137Available
WoodsideJ HayesJuvenile Paperback#40228564293212Available

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01101pam a2200277 a 4500
110826s2011 nyua b 000 1 eng
$a 2010-025000
$a 9780375868672 (pbk.) : $c $4.00
$a 0375868674
$a 201111021245 $b sislam $c 201108261412 $d uafzal $y 201108261322 $z jlin $w bt08252011.dat $x 44
$a DLC $c DLC $d NjBwBT $d GCmBT
$a lcac
$a [E] $2 22
$a J Hayes
$a Hayes, Geoffrey.
$a A poor excuse for a dragon / $c by Geoffrey Hayes.
$a New York : $b Random House, $c c2011.
$a 47 p. : $b col. ill. ; $c 24 cm.
$a Step into reading. $n Step 4 book
$a When Fred the dragon leaves home he learns that he is not very good at roaring or breathing fire and swallowing people only makes him ill, but with help from a witch, a giant, and a wise boy he finds his true calling.
$a VTLSSORT0080 0100 0200 0201 0400 0420 0820 0990 1000 2450 2600 3000 4400 5200 9950 9992