Network Settings Macintosh OS X

Check for the AirPort Status icon in the upper menu bar of your desktop as shown below.

Check that AirPort is turned on. If not, click the Wi-Fi icon in the top right corner and Turn AirPort On. Once AirPort is on, it will try to automatically detect all available wireless networks in the area.
Look for “QBPL_Wireless” from the list and click on the name to select the Queens Library Wireless network.

If the “AirPort” icon is not in the menu bar then please continue with the directions below or go the AirPort Utility in the Applications\Utilities folder.

Click on the apple icon to display the Apple Menu then select “System Preferences.”

Then click on the “Network” icon

Select the TCP/IP tab and select configure "Using DHCP." Then click on “OK”

Click Ok then open up your Internet browser to proceed.

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