Are there designated quiet areas to study in the library?

Currently, Flushing Library, Central Library and Forest Hills Library have designated quiet areas.

Can I rent a meeting room?

Queens Library offer use of meeting rooms free of charge for non-profit use. Please contact your local library for more details about reserving a room.

Are there materials in other languages?

Yes. Queens Library has one of the nation’s largest international collections in Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Hindi, Hebrew, Bengali, Greek, Japanese, Arabic, Gujarati, Urdu and more. Get more information on our Materials in your Language page.

Does the library have downloadable electronic books, audiobooks, music, and videos?

Yes, Queens Library carries e-books, e-audio books, downloadable music and movies. Please visit the Digital Media & Downloads page and follow the instructions to download digital media books, movies and music.

Does the library have story time for children?

Yes, Queens Library provides story time for children. Most local libraries have “Mother Goose” story time for kids 12-24 months of age, “Toddler Time” for ages 3-5, and “Story Time” for older kids. For a listing, please visit our Programs page.

Does the library have English as a Second Language (ESL) classes?

Yes, Queens Library provides free ESOL classes at Adult Learning Centers. For more information, visit our Learn English page.

What kind of classes does the library offer?

Queens Library offers variety of classes, including free ESOL classes, pre-GED classes, and computer classes. For more information, visit our Adult Literacy page. Many community libraries also offer a variety of classes on beading, knitting, drawing, and other activities. To find the schedule of our classes, visit our Programs page. All classes offered at Queens Library are free; pre-registration may be required. Check the availability for the program on the event page or by calling the location where the Event is being held.

Which library offers computer classes? What level are they?

Most libraries offer basic introductory computer classes. Search the Programs page to see what the library is currently offering at all locations.

I am applying for a job. Can the library help me with my resume?

We offer a variety of services, including helping to write your resume, at our Job Information Centers, for customers who are unemployed, underemployed or searching for a career change. For more information, visit our Job Information page.

I can’t leave my house due to illness. Can I still check out books?

Yes. Queens Library has a Mail-a-Book program where Queens residents who are homebound and therefore unable to visit a library themselves are eligible for the Mail-A-Book. Books are delivered by mail to individual residents and returned by mail to the library at no cost to the individual. No library card is needed. More information can be obtained from our Mail-A-Book page.

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