Can I comment if I don’t have a library card?

If you are eligible for a card, you may apply for one. At this time, commenting on our blogs is only for those who are part of the Queens Library community.

Where can I find reading suggestions?

Check out our book review blog, Book Flights, and browse our staff-created booklists. You can also subscribe to book newsletters.

Why am I required to submit my email address?

To save costs and help the environment, Queen Library is phasing out paper notices. You will now need an email address in order to use our online account services. If you don’t already have an email address you can sign up for a free account at www.google.com (Gmail), www.yahoo.com (Yahoo), or www.msn.com (Hotmail). If you need help, ask a librarian. You can use our free computers to check your emails, too.

What materials can I donate to the Queens Library?

You are welcome to drop the books off at any Queens Library location during our hours of services. The materials must be in good condition and not outdated. Please contact  the library supervisor  at the location  which you would like to send the books  directly if you have specific questions regarding the books you would like to donate.  Please note: Most are materials donated to the library are sold.  Funds from the sale of donated items go to improving the collections of Queens Library.

How Can I Find Digital Media, Including eBooks, Audiobooks and Other Downloadable Materials?

A number of vendors provide eBooks to the Queens Library. From the Books Menu, click on eBooks and then click on the name of the vendor. If you are looking for My Digital Account, click on the Overdrive link.

To access Audiobooks, Digital Music or Videos navigate to Entertainment -- Digital Media and Downloads and then vendor of your choice.

If you do not see the question or answer you were looking for, please visit our Help Center Forum or Ask a Librarian.