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TumbleBooks (e-libros para niños)


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TumbleBooks presenta libros de láminas, animados y que hablan. TumbleBooks fue creado tomando libros de láminas, añadiéndoles animación, sonido, música y narración para producir un libro de láminas electrónico que usted puede leer, o le pueden leer a usted.* Oprima en el icono Libros en Español para leer un libro electrónico; no se require nombre de usuario o contraseña.

*Si usted desea escuchar el sonido, música y narración en la biblioteca, usted debe traer su propio par de audífonos. Un bibliotecario le enseñará como conectarlo a la computadora.

Tumble Talking Books

TumbleTalkingBooks are an online collection of full length audio books which you can listen to from any computer with an internet connection. Browse through the categories and pick the book you want to listen to.   You don’t need any special software or listening devices. There’s nothing to download and you can listen to as many books as many times as you like. Your library is providing you with UNLIMITED remote access. There are no waiting lists, check out lines, or return dates. The books are always available to you- 24/7.

Tumble Readables Books

TumbleReadables are a collection of large print electronic books which allows you to read books online by simply clicking a button.

The collection includes Classics like War and Peace, David Copperfield, Robinson Crusoe, Fiction like The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, Sophies Choice by William Styron, and Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut , Non Fiction such as Winson Churchill's Their Finest Hour , and children's chapter books, YA novels, High Interest/Low Level books and classic tales.