Hot Music Picks for November

Posted by: bschnell, November 6, 2014 12:49 pm
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Cheek to Cheek

Looking for new music? Look no further than your local Queens Library! Every month, our expert staff will bring you the best of what's new in our collection. Check out these music recommendations for November.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek

This may be one of the strangest collaborations since Natalie Cole sang duets with her deceased dad.  Other vocalists typically do an album of duets with a different guest for each track.  Not here.  Bennett and Gaga give us eleven jazz standards that are simultaneously dapper and a bit daffy.  Oddly enough, it works!  Granted, this is geared more towards Tony’s fans, but a little show tune education for Lady Gaga’s little monsters isn’t such a bad thing.  As the song says Anything Goes.  See the video for that song here.

Weezer Everything Will Be Alright in the End

It is back to basics for Weezer’s ninth studio album, even down to getting producer Ric Ocasek who was a big contributor to their initial success in 1994. After singer/songwriter Rivers Cuomo’s side trips to self-indulgence, meditation and even disco, Weezer is back on track to rock the house down.  They’ll even apologize to their fans for losing the thread as evidenced in the first single Back to the Shack. Watch them play on the moon in their typically amusing video here.

Jhene Aiko  Souled Out

With one of the best debut album titles ever, Jhene Aiko has unleashed her vision of “alternative R&B”. The music has elements of psychedelia, electronica and hip-hop.  Plus it is a concept album, telling a story of the road from heartbreak and hurt to growth and hope. Jhene’s vocal style has been compared to Sade and the production varies from hard to silky as each song demands. Listen to It’s Cool here

Jack White Lazaretto

Jack White is a bit of a workaholic. He’s been a member of the White Stripes, the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather and collaborated with Loretta Lynn and Bob Dylan among others. Lazaretto is his second solo album and is now the best-selling vinyl record since that became a category in 1991.  Listen to it right now on Freegal when you login with your library card here.

Jon Pardi  Write You a Song

This debut album from Jon Pardi could be exactly the shot in the arm country music needs.  There’s no pop/dance/rock fusion going on here.  This is straight ahead, whiskey fueled and raw country from a young talent who should go far.  Listen to the title track performed live here.

Wayne Marshall  Tru Colors

Wayne Marshall’s sound could best be described as reggae-fusion. He’s been active on the Jamaican music scene for almost 20 years, but until now has mostly issued singles. Tru Colors is his first full-length release in over 10 years and is produced by Damian Marley. Soul, reggae, dancehall and hip-hop are all represented here in Wayne’s unique style. You can hear the whole album right now on Freegal and watch the video for the song I Know here.


Ed Sheeran X

Ed Sheeran is a British pop star who has already scored hits in America working with Taylor Swift and One Direction, but his solo work hasn’t quite caught fire on these shores yet.  When he was approached by Rick Rubin and Pharrell Williams to produce his second album, he leapt at the chance. The result is an infectious album of hit-worthy songs with better lyrics than you’d expect from a pop album.  Check out the video for the first single Sing here.

Various Artists Namaste: Yoga

Looking for just the right soundtrack to accompany your yoga or meditation?  This collection of soothing music from modern new age artists will help you relax and focus your energy. Who doesn’t need to slow down a bit in these crazy times? Better yet, you don’t even have to get on a waiting list for the CD.  You can stream it for free right now from Freegal using your Queens Library card.

Interpol El Pintor

El Pintor is an anagram of Interpol and means “the painter” in Spanish.  They certainly do paint an arresting picture on this their fifth album.  If you are not familiar with them, Interpol is an indie rock band with a dark edge.  Not really Goth, but dark in a strangely haunting way crafted by lead singer Paul Banks’ vocal style and guitarist Daniel Kessler’s atmospheric tone.  They have often been compared to Joy Division.  See what the fuss is about in their video for All the Rage Back Home here.

Shawn McDonald Brave

Shawn McDonald falls under the label of Gospel music because of his lyrics. However, his musical style puts him in the same pop category as Imagine Dragons or Lorde. Shawn’s guitar work ranges from American country to Brazilian rock and his legion of fans will attest to his ability to connect with his audience. Don’t be afraid and check out the video for We Are Brave here.