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Free computer access is available at all the libraries.

The Corona Community Library has:

  • 7 adult public computers
  • 8 public computers for children
  • 18 Laptop computers available to library customers fourteen years old or older for use on library premises
  • Free Internet access
  • Microsoft Office software
  • Limited free printing


Queens Library Public Internet Use Policy.









International Language Collections at the Corona Community Library include:

  • Spanish (Books, Magazines)
  • Chinese (books and Magazines)
  • Hindi (DVDs)
  • Urdu (Magazine)


Special Interest/Noteworthy Collections at the Corona Community Library include:

  • Test Preparation center
  • ESOL Collection including videotapes and audiotapes
  • Comprehensive children’s Spanish and bilingual section


Child Care / Preschools
Community Board
Community Organizations & Services
Fire Department
Local Hospitals
Local Newspapers
Parks and Playgrounds
Police Department
Post Office
Private / Parochial Schools
Public Elementary Schools
Public High Schools
Public Intermediate / Junior High Schools
Senior Centers
Elected Officials
Special Services

Child Care / Preschools
A Child's Place Day School
107-17 Northern Boulevard
Corona NY , 11368
Better Comm. Life D.C.C.
34-10 108th Street
Corona NY , 11368
International Children's School
57-27 Penrod Street
Corona NY , 11368
Our Lady Of Sorrow School
35-34 105th Street
Corona NY , 11368
104- 19 39 Ave
Corona NY, 11368
phone: (718) 626- 7394

Community Board
Queens Community Board # 3
82-11 37th Avenue - Suite 606
Jackson Heights NY , 11372
phone: (718) 458-2707
fax: (718) 458-3316
Queens Community Board 4
46-11 104th Street
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 760-3141
fax: (718) 760-5971

Community Organizations & Services
Queens Wildlife Center
53-51 111th Street
Corona NY , 11358
phone: (718)271-1500 / (718)271-4441
New York Hall of Science
47-01 111th Street
Flushing NY , 11368
phone: (718)699-0005
Community Conciliation Network, Inc.
107-24 Corona Avenue, 2nd Floor,
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718)760-3971
Concerned Citizens of Queens
40-18 Junctions Boulevard
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 478-1600
Elmcor Youth & Adult Activities
33-16 108th Streets
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 446-8010
Louis Armstrong House
34-56 107th Street
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 478-8274

Fire Department
Engine 289, Ladder 138
97-28 43rd Ave.
Corona NY , 11368-2141

Local Hospitals
Elmhurst Hospital Center
79-01 Broadway
Elmhurst NY , 11373
phone: (718) 334-4000

Local Newspapers
Corona Times

Parks and Playgrounds
Queens Theatre in the Park
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
phone: (718)760-0064
Playground for All Children - New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation
111-01 Corona Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 699-8283
United States Tennis Association
United States Tennis Association
Flushing NY , 11368
phone: (718) 760-6200

Police Department
115th Precinct
92-15 Northern Blvd.
Jackson Heights NY , 11372
phone: (718) 533-2002

Post Office
Corona-A Post Office
10328 Roosevelt Ave
Corona NY , 11368-9993
phone: (800) 275-8777

Private / Parochial Schools
A Child's Place Preschool (K-3)
3220 108th St.
Corona NY , 11366-0113
phone: (718)565-2170
Clara Muhammad School (K-12)
105 01 Northern Boulevard
Corona NY , 11368-0113
phone: (718) 779-1060
Johnsons Little Tots Academy (PK-K)
99-04 57 Ave
Corona NY , 11368-0113
phone: (718) 592-3096
Learning Tree Multi-cultural (1-8)
103-02 Northern Blvd.
Corona NY , 11368-0113
phone: (718) 397-5446
Malcolm X Day Care Center Inc (PK-K)
111-12 Northern Blvd.
Corona NY , 11368-0113
phone: (718) 651-7880
Mt. Olivet Christian School (Pk-1)
33-27 97th Street
Corona NY , 11368-0113
phone: (718) 478-0780
Our Lady of Sorrows (Pk-8)
35 34 105 Street
Corona NY , 11368-0113
phone: (718) 426-5517
School of the Transfiguration (Pk-9)
98-07 38th Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 478-8181
St Leo Elementary School (Pk-8)
104-19 49th Avenue
Corona NY , 11368-0113
phone: (718)592-7050

Public Elementary Schools
PS 14 (K-5)
107-01 Otis Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 699-6071
fax: (718) 699-3224
PS 19 (K-5)
98-02 Roosevelt Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 424-5859
fax: (718) 672-3136
PS 143 (K-5)
34-74 113 Street
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 429-5700
fax: (718) 478-8306
PS 16 (K-5)
41-15 104 Street
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 505-0140
fax: (718) 505-0141
PS 28 (K-2)
109-10 47 Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 271-4971
fax: (718) 271-257
PS 92 (K-5)
99-01 34 Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 533-1013
fax: (718) 533-1083

Public High Schools
High School for Arts & Business (Q 550)
105-25 Horace Harding EX
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 271-8383
fax: (718) 271-7196

Public Intermediate / Junior High Schools
IS 61 - Leonardo da Vinci (6-8)
98-50 50 Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 760-3233
fax: (718) 760-5220

Senior Centers
Raices Corona Senior Center
102-47 43 Avenue
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 458-7259
Lefrak Senior Citizens Center
96-08 57 Avenues
Corona NY , 11368
phone: (718) 271-1222
Florence Smith Senior Service
102-19 34th Avenue
Flushing NY , 11368
phone: (718) 899-0553
Elmcor Senior Center
98-19 Astoria Boulevard
Flushing NY , 11368
phone: (718) 457-9757

Elected Officials
NYC Council
Hon. Francisco Moya
District Office 106-01 Corona Avenue
Corona NY, 11368
phone: 718-651-1917
fax: 718-565-5937
Manhattan Office 250 Broadway, Suite 1768
New York NY, 10007
phone: (212) 788-6862
fax: (212) 442-2725
Boro President
Hon. Melinda Katz
Hon. Bill de Blasio
NYS Assembly
Hon. Catalina Cruz
District Office41-40 Junction Blvd
Corona NY, 11368
phone: 718-458-5367
fax: 718-478-2371
Albany OfficeLOB, Room 523
Albany NY, 12248
phone: 518-455-4567
fax: 518-455-5375
US Congress
Hon. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
District Office74-09 37th Avenue, Suite 305
Jackson Heights NY , 11372
phone: 718-662-5970
Legislative Office229 Cannon HOB
Washington DC, 20515
phone: (202) 225-3965
NYS Senate
Hon. Jessica Ramos
District Office32-37 Junction Boulevard
East Elmhurst NY, 11369
phone: 718-205-3881
fax: 718-205-4145
Legislative OfficeLegislative Office Building, Room 946
Albany NY, 12247
phone: 518-455-2529
fax: 518-426-6909


Corona is an energetic and multicultural neighborhood in North Central Queens. It is a true example of the American melting pot. It is one of the largest, most populated and most diverse communities in Queens.

First developed in 1854, the area was named West Flushing. The same year witnessed the inauguration of the Long Island Railroad. Streets sprang up along the route of the railroad and it became the commercial heart of Corona. In the 1870’s, developer, Benjamin W. Hitchcock, advertised CORONA as the "crown" of villages on Long Island. Early factories made china, portable houses, and from 1893 into the 1930s, Tiffany glass. The population reached 2,500 by 1898 and jumped to 6,200 by 1910. By the 1920’s, Corona’s commercial center began to expand towards Northern Boulevard. Today, the 7-Flushing Local train runs through Corona.

In 1910, a traveling library was established in Corona. A librarian came on a weekly basis to charge out books and bring in a fresh selection of materials. By 1911, the traveling library became a permanent branch in a rented storefront, located at 13 Locust Street now known as 43rd Avenue.

Corona’s claim to fame is brief but impressive. From 1943 to 1971, the great jazz trumpeter, Louis Armstrong lived in the neighborhood. His home is now a museum. Flushing Meadow Corona Park is a well known recreational area and home of the World’s Fair held in the 1960’s. People travel from far and wide to visit the deservedly famous Lemon Ice King of Corona. Rosie, Queen of Corona, is featured in Paul Simon’s song "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard." The fictional home of Archie Bunker from the classic television series “All In he Family” (1971-1983) was located in Corona.

The area attracted a large Latin American community after the Second World War; first Puerto Ricans and, after 1965, more and more Dominicans. On May 24, 1969 the Corona Library relocated to the new city-owned facility that is on the same site as the branch today. The movement of immigrants into the neighborhood in the 1980’s was heavy: the Dominicans accounted for the majority of residents who settled there with a small but stable community of Chinese and Colombians. Today the population is mainly Hispanic (Dominican, Colombian, and Ecuadorian) and Asian (Chinese and East Indian).

The Corona Community Library is the first public library in the country with complete self-service stations for customers utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology coupled with automated payment technology. The branch also features state-of-the-art technology including self-check-out machines, an automated return system, and up-to-date computers. Recently the Corona Branch has completed an expansion substantially increasing floor space from a 5,600 square-foot facility to a new 7,500 square-foot community library. Every part of the library has been expanded, including the Children’s Room and the Adult Reading Room. The new and expanded reading room has an elevated ceiling rising above the current roof height, providing more light and a more spacious environment in which to read and study.

Special Services

Queens Library HealthLink


According to the American Cancer Society, approximately one of two American men and one of three American women will have some type of cancer at some point during their lifetime. Queens Library HealthLink seeks to increase access to cancer screening and cancer treatment among medically underserved communities in Queens. Queens Library HealthLink is a partnership between Queens Library, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Queens Cancer Center of Queens Hospital and the American Cancer Society.