Queens Library's Adult Learners are Literary Winners!

Posted by: yetheart, June 7, 2016 4:37 pm
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James McMenamin and Ginny Zhang at Symphony Space

We’re really proud of the recent creative accomplishments of several of our Adult Learning Center students!

Our Central Library ALC students Anchulee Chen and Saima Haque, Peninsula ALC student Shawnia Harry, and Elmhurst ALC student Lixia Zhang had their stories selected for the latest issue of New York University’s Literacy Review. The Literacy Review is an annual journal of writings selected from students at adult literacy programs throughout New York City.

This is the third time that our students’ writings have been chosen for publication in The Literacy Review. A dinner celebration and special reading was held on May 12 at NYU’s Kimmel Center, where Saima, Shawnia, and Lixia read their selections.

Elmhurst ALC students Xiong Xuan and Ginny Zhang had their creative works chosen by Symphony Space’s All Write! Adult Literacy Program. After attending an event where they heard professional actors read stories by famous writers, adult literacy students were invited to develop and submit their own work to the All Write! program. Months later, selected pieces were read by the same actors at another special event and published in a literary magazine.

On May 19, Ginny Zhang’s poem “Money” was read by one of the professional actors. Following the reading, Ginny had a chance to come onstage and share her thoughts about her piece with the audience.

Congratulations again to our talented students, and special thanks to Central ALC Volunteer Writing Tutor Mark Mehler, Elmhurst ALC PRE-HSE Teacher James McMenamin, and all the other ALC instructors and volunteers who encourage and nurture our students!

Photos: Ginny Zhang and James McMenamin at Symphony Space (above), James McMenamin and Lixia Zhang at New York University (below left), Shawnia Harry at NYU (below center), Saima Haque with Mark Mehler at NYU (below right).

Queens Library's Adult Learners are Literary Winners!