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Posted by: yetheart, March 2, 2016 4:50 pm
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Rihanna, Anti

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Rihanna, Anti
It is amazing that, at age 28, Rihanna is one of the best-selling artists of all time. She achieved 14 number-one singles faster than anyone else and has racked up more awards than most musicians receive in a lifetime. Until now, it has all been pop music, meant for parties and dance clubs. Her eighth album, Anti, appears to be an effort to change her status from pop star to serious artist. On it, she explores deeper sides of R&B, soul, and dancehall. The production is minimal and there is a more intimate vibe. Some critics hail it as her best album yet, others are not convinced. Check out Rihanna performing "Work" live with Drake at the 2016 BRIT Awards.

Lucinda Williams, The Ghosts of Highway 20
Lucinda Williams is a singer/songwriter from Louisiana who embodies the Americana genre. Her mix of folk, rock, blues, country, and gospel have made her a critical darling since 1980, but her albums have not exactly been chart-busters. She has a loyal following, though, and now that she has her own record label it seems that she’s releasing her best material. From tear-jerkers to foot-stompers, her latest effort is a great showcase for her talent. You can hear it all on Freegal.

Snarky Puppy, Family Dinner Volume 2
Snarky Puppy is an instrumental jazz fusion collective from Brooklyn that defies all labels and boundaries. “Fusion” is just a catch-all to say that they incorporate many different instruments and styles in their work. “Instrumental” does not mean that they have no vocals in their songs; it just means that they invite guest singers to perform with them as needed. They are also a traveling musical education class, conducting clinics and workshops all over the world as part of their tour schedule. To get a sense of what they're all about, watch the trailer for their new album.

Charles Kelley, The Driver
As a founding member of Lady Antebellum, Charles Kelley has already known success. However, he grew dissatisfied with the music industry machine and left to start a solo career. The result is The Driver. The songs here are slower and more personal than his fans may have been expecting, but it is an album about commitment—   his commitment to his muse and the listeners’ commitment to hear it through without skipping to the “hit” song. Check out the title track to see if you can commit to the rest.

Yanni, Sensuous Chill
The Greek musical phenomenon known as Yanni is back with his 18th album of instrumental soundscapes, also known as New Age music. Always looking for new ways to create evocative and spiritual aural experiences, on Sensuous Chill Yanni foregoes traditional instruments in favor of synthesizers and programmed rhythms. This creates a more pop-oriented sound, somewhat reminiscent of Pink Floyd with some Middle Eastern flair. It is meant to be listened to as a whole, and repeatedly, to achieve maximum effect. You can do that easily on Freegal.

Sia, This is ActingSia, This is Acting
Though Australian singer and songwriter Sia has been recording music since 1997, it was only her hit “Chandelier” in 2014 that made her an international sensation. The fame didn’t sit well with her and she took to wearing wigs and masks to hide her real self during live performances and videos. The title of her latest album seems to support the idea that what we see of her is a manufactured persona. It is a collection of songs that she wrote for other people but were not picked by them. That’s good news for Sia, who had her best week’s sales with the album’s release. You can stream the entire album on Freegal.

Elton John, Wonderful Crazy Night
Sir Elton John needs no introduction to any music fan. He has been a presence on the world stage since the 1970s and has worn more outlandish outfits than Madonna and Lady Gaga combined. Wonderful Crazy Night is his 32nd studio album and another collaboration with his long–time writing partner Bernie Taupin. It is being touted as the soundtrack for summer 2016, but he’ll have a lot of younger, trendier competition for that title. He’s come back before, can he do it again? Listen to the title track.

Tedeschi Trucks Band, Let Me Get By
Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi had solo careers singing the blues before they got married and formed a band. Now, their blues has more of a rock and soul sound. Let Me Get By is their third studio album and their first of all-original material. It seems that the third time was the charm, as the critics have called it their best album and a “must-have.” They go on tour with Los Lobos this summer, but until then you can watch them perform the title track live on Austin City Limits.

Megadeth, Dystopia
Megadeth have been playing thrash metal since 1983, when lead guitarist Dave Mustaine was fired from Metallica. Like Metallica, Megadeth has gone on to commercial success, selling over 50 million records and winning numerous awards. The band has always been plagued by controversy due to their dark and twisted lyrics. They’ve been banned in some countries and even MTV refused to show two of their videos because they allegedly condoned suicide. Even though Mustaine has found religion, the music still shreds. Watch their latest video, for the song "The Threat is Real."

Brian McKnight, Better
Brian McKnight is an accomplished musician, but he is best known for his R&B singing and songwriting. His tenor voice and falsetto range certainly make him unique. Better is his 12th studio album, and despite selling millions of albums and being nominated 16 times, he has yet to win a Grammy award. He has acted on Broadway, and even had a late-night talk show, but he keeps returning to music as his true vocation. Watch the video for the song “Uh Oh Feeling."