Our New Music For March

Posted by: yetheart, February 27, 2015 3:03 pm
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No Cities to Love

Looking for new music? Look no further than your local Queens Library! Every month, our expert staff will bring you the best of what's new in our collection. Check out these music recommendations for March.

Sleater-Kinney, No Cities to Love
Sleater-Kinney got a little lost in the grunge wave of the mid-1990s. Although they were critically successful and opened for bigger bands like Pearl Jam, they couldn’t break free of the “riot grrrl” stereotype or move beyond college radio into mainstream acceptance. They went on hiatus in 2006 and moved on to other endeavors (including the TV show Portlandia). Nine years later, the band is back together with an album of new material, No Cities To Love. The reaction has been tremendously favorable and most of the shows on their tour are sold out. Watch the video for “A New Wave,” featuring Tina and the gang from the animated comedy Bob’s Burgers.

Ricky Martin, A Quien Quiera Escuschar
You probably know the Ricky Martin story by now. Started in Menudo, acted in some Mexican TV shows, hit superstar status with “Living La Vida Loca” and has sold over 70 million albums. His latest CD title (in English) is For Those Who Want to Listen. Obviously, there are many who do as Ricky continues to dazzle with his unique style and spectacle. Listen to the whole album on Freegal.

Ne-Yo, Non-Fiction
Ne-Yo is primarily a songwriter who has also had great success as a performer, mostly in the R&B genre. He has written hits for many people, from Celine Dion to Beyoncé, and was working on new material for Michael Jackson before his tragic demise. Ne-Yo’s sixth album Non-Fiction is a mix of styles, featuring collaborations with Pitbull, Jeezy, Juicy J, and others. It already had 3 hit singles before its release in January! Check out the 4th single, “Coming With You".

Papa Roach, F.E.A.R.
Papa Roach were one of the headline acts of the nu metal sound, mixing hard rock with rap. Since 1999, they’ve taken center stage at festivals around the world like Warped and Ozzfest. Longtime fans were understandably upset when they stopped rapping and began a slow transformation into more of a goth/glam outfit. Their latest album, F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise), has synths and a guest rapper but also a hard edge even their original fans will enjoy. You can hear the whole album on Freegal.

Fall Out Boy, American Beauty/American Psycho
Fall Out Boy are best known for being one of the founding acts of emo pop — basically pop-punk with emotionally expressive lyrics. The band has had commercial success as well as personal conflicts, all of which led to a highly publicized break up in 2009. Their hiatus ended in 2013 with a number one album and a more mature outlook. Their latest CD finds Fall Out Boy back at the peak of their creative powers, as seen in the title video.

Panda Bear, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper
Panda Bear (real name Noah Lennox) is an experimental electronic musician and songwriter, previously part of the band Animal Collective. As a solo artist, Panda Bear has released several albums and collaborated with Daft Punk while touring the electronic festival circuit. His style is described as psychedelic and swirling and those words could easily describe the first video from the album, "Mr. Noah."

SremmlifeRae Sremmurd, Sremmlife
Rae Sremmurd (“ear drummers” spelled backwards) is a hip hop duo of brothers from Atlanta. (Imagine Kris Kross a little older and more street-wise.) The brothers might still be unknown if they hadn’t caught the attention of Nicki Minaj, who remixed their track “No Flex Zone” into a Billboard hit. Although they fall into the category of Southern rap, Rae Sremmurd have a distinct chant style that sets them apart. Sremmlife is their debut album; watch the video for their single “No Type.”

Imagine Dragons, Smoke + Mirrors
Imagine Dragons have nothing to do with The Hobbit or other fantasy stories. They are an alternative rock band from Las Vegas who have achieved mainstream success with their catchy tunes. Imagine Dragons like to mix electronica with their rock for a unique yet somehow familiar sound. Their single “Radioactive" set sales records and was the biggest hit of 2013. Their new album Smoke + Mirrors continues the hit parade. Watch the video for the lead-off track “Shots.”

Decemberists, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World
The Decemberists are a hard act to categorize. Their sound is part indie rock, part folk, and some bluegrass with a healthy dose of drama. They use a wide variety of instruments, antique and new, to create aural landscapes paired with historical, political, and personal lyrics. You could dismiss them as music for intellectuals, but there’s a lot of heart and soul in their songs that everyone can relate to. Try the first single, “Make You Better.”

Diana Krall, Wallflower
Diana Krall is a Canadian jazz pianist and singer. Since 1993, she has sold over 15 million albums and won 5 Grammys. Although she is usually covering songs made famous by others, her unique contralto spin gives them new layers and nuances not found in the originals. This is music for romantic, candlelight dinners or strolls along autumn beaches when the crowds have gone home. Sit back, relax, and watch her perform her rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Wallflower.”