Our New Music For December!

Posted by: yetheart, December 3, 2015 7:06 pm
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Adele, 25

Looking for new music? Look no further than your local Queens Library! Every month, our expert staff will bring you the best of what's new in our collection.

Check out these music recommendations for December!

Adele, 25
The wait is over and Adele’s follow-up to the smash hit 21 is finally here. Adele is the British singer/songwriter whose song “Rolling in the Deep” catapulted her to worldwide fame four years ago. Since then, she has started a family and threatened to quit the music business. Luckily for her fans, she went back to the studio. The lead-off single “Hello” was the first song to sell a million downloads in a week in America. If you haven’t already bought the CD (no streaming allowed), you can download your favorite five songs right now (and five more next week) from Freegal.

Kristian Bush, Southern Gravity
Kristian Bush comes from the Bush family (of baked beans fame), but he is on a different road to fame. Kristian is an accomplished musician and songwriter who has previously worked with Billy Pilgrim and Sugarland. As a solo artist, he continues with the Americana genre, a cross between folk, country, and rock. Gamers might recognize his voice from the ninth level of My Singing Monsters. You can stream his first solo album, Southern Gravity, on Freegal.

Striking Matches, Nothing But the Silence
Fans of the TV show Nashville are already familiar with the country music duo Striking Matches, though they may not know it. The two members, Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis, were “discovered” while auditioning songs for the show. The producers fell in love with them and have used six of their songs so far. Nothing But the Silence is their debut album and it showcases their talent for combining country with blues and rock. Watch their video for the song "Hanging on a Lie."

Chick Corea & Béla Fleck, Two
Chick Corea is an improvisational jazz pianist, Béla Fleck is a bluegrass banjo player. Separately, they are masters in their fields; together, they have created a genre-defying sound that smashes musical barriers. Two is a live double CD recorded during their past eight years of touring together. The music they create goes beyond jazz with inspiration from Latin, African, classical, and country music. You can’t judge it in a 30-second sample; you have to let yourself be immersed. Let the artists explain it to you in this trailer for the album.

Keith Richards, Crosseyed HeartKeith Richards, Crosseyed Heart
Yes, Keith Richards is still alive and kicking, doing more touring and recording at age 71 than most musicians half his age. (He must love it because he certainly doesn’t need the money.) Crosseyed Heart is his third solo album with his backing band the X-Pensive Winos, and it isn’t too far removed from the Rolling Stones as they sounded in the 1970s. It features loose, almost sloppy playing but has plenty of songs with catchy and energetic riffs that will stick in your head for days. Listen to the track “Substantial Damage."

Fetty Wap, Fetty Wap
Willie Maxwell II, better known as Fetty Wap, is a rapper from Paterson, New Jersey (though he is often seen wearing the Haitian flag). He had a sleeper hit last year with the track "Trap Queen." The momentum from that song led to three more chart toppers, and his self-titled album went straight to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. A serious motorcycle accident in September put him out of commission for awhile, but he appears to be recovered and ready to keep the hits coming. Listen to the song “My Way."

Herb Alpert, Come Fly With Me
You most likely know Herb Alpert as the trumpeter of the Tijuana Brass. They had a slew of pop-jazz hits in the 1960s and '70s before Herb took an extended leave from performing to be a music executive. He returned to recording in 2009, shaping a new smooth jazz sound for his horn arrangements of standards and new material. His latest disc shows influences from reggae and bossa nova to the Beatles. Check out the title track here.

Diego Torres, Buena Vida
Diego Torres is from Argentina, where he is a superstar. He’s been nominated 17 times for Latin Grammys and won three times. He is also an actor and starred on the popular TV show La Banda del Golden Rocket. His eighth studio album, Buena Vida, is an upbeat, feel-good collection of ballads that will have you tapping your feet and smiling, even if you don’t understand a word he is singing. You can stream the whole album on Freegal.

Lana Del Rey, Honeymoon
Lana Del Rey’s latest album continues the gloom-pop, torch song style she has been developing for years. Imagine Twin Peaks set on the corner of Hollywood and Vine in the 1940s. It is ambient, ethereal, lush, and captivating. Honeymoon is certainly unlike every other album on the pop charts and it is a welcome respite in a sea of cookie-cutter pop. Watch the video for the song “Music to Watch Boys By."

Trey Songz, Trigga Reloaded
Trey Songz is a busy man. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and actor. You can forgive him, then, for not wanting to wait until he had a full album’s worth of new songs for his latest release. His album Trigga was a big hit in 2014, so Trey decided to re-release it with four new tracks and call it Trigga Reloaded. His fans who still buy CDs might be annoyed, but since most everyone downloads or streams songs now, it wasn’t seen as a bad move. Watch the video for one of the new songs, "Slow Motion."