Lauren Elder Dazzles With Broadway Classics

Posted by: tlaffernis, February 14, 2017 6:07 pm
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Lauren Elder

Have you ever suffered a broken heart? Did you cry at the end of Rent? Were you entranced by the romances of Mimi and Roger, Porgy and Bess, or Bonnie and Clyde? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll definitely want to check out Saturday’s Broken Heart Week event starring Broadway performer Lauren Elder. Lauren Elder Presents Broadway Standards: Heartbreak at the Great White Way will feature a performance of beloved and classic Broadway hits of love and loss.

Originally hailing from California, Lauren is an actress, singer-songwriter (her debut album Lauren Elder was released January 25, 2017), and whistler living and working in New York City. She’s made appearances in Boardwalk Empire, Louie, Law & Order SVU, and the Broadway and West End revivals of Hair. Citing Andrew Bird, Jenny Lewis, Patsy Cline, and Ella Fitzgerald as creative influences, Lauren writes and performs original music, using a blend of jazz, folk, pop, and ukulele to craft a whimsical sound.

Lauren has a colorful program set up for Saturday’s performance. “I'm going to be doing my favorite sad songs from jazz, Broadway, and a few that I wrote myself,” she told us. “Some are well-known classics, some are uncovered gems, and some have only been heard once or twice.”

Lauren’s tips for healing a broken heart? “I usually write a song—or ten—about it. That's basically what my new album is—a bunch of songs I wrote to mend my heart. Other than that, lots of wine, chocolate, and leaning on your friends.”

Lauren will perform on Saturday, February 18 at 2:30pm. Get your free tickets today! 

Fun fact: Lauren’s favorite Broadway couple is Matt and Luis from The Fantasticks.

Written by Gabrielle Hew.