Heal Your Broken Heart

Posted by: tlaffernis, February 10, 2017 5:10 pm
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Broken Heart Week

There’s no way around it: broken hearts hurt pretty bad. In fact, there’s even scientific evidence to suggest that that a broken heart is just as serious as a physical injury. Here are some of our self-care tips for healing a broken heart.

1. Get in touch with nature. A leading cause of seasonal depression is a lack of sunshine. Try going for a walk or enjoying your favorite book while sitting next to a window. Take your dog to the local park or try your hand at landscaping or gardening.

2. Get active. Now that you’ve got time on your hands, there’s no better time to get your blood pumping. Whether you’re a couch potato, a YouTube yogi, or a die-hard gym rat, you’ll undoubtedly feel better the more you move.

3. Treat yourself! Plan a spa day complete with chocolates, a movie marathon, soothing music, and a bath (preferably with a bath bomb!). Treat yourself to your favorite foods or that cozy sweater you’ve had your eye on all winter! Plus, learn why some foods just taste better when you’re down at The Sweet Taste of Heartbreak on Thursday, February 16 at 6 p.m. at Steinway.

4. Give back to the community. It’s always a good time to volunteer your time helping others. Donate coats and blankets to shelters, feed those in need at soup kitchens, help clean up the environment, or spend some time helping out at your local Queens Library branch.

5. Turn your sadness into art. Channel your emotions into fuel for great art. Try your hand at writing poetry or journaling. Write a song about what happened, or try drawing and painting. You never know what great works you’ll end up creating...

6. Be sure to check out our upcoming Broken Heart Week programs for even more great tips!