Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Presenting Queens Library’s Strategic Plan: Playbook 2014 (click here to view)

We wanted to turn the strategic planning process inside out


To shape our Game Plan, we began with the customers who come through our doors, attend programs, and access services every day. We also sought out less active customers as well as non-library users to determine how the Library might make itself indispensable in their lives.
Next, the Library hosted group and one-on-one sessions with leaders and representatives of community-based organizations and public service providers in the Borough to determine how the Library could better support institutional goals and the needs of their service populations. Friends and community advocates who have championed the Library were also an important source of information. Their focus on the external relationships and resources needed to increase the Library’s impact greatly influenced our strategic vision for the role of partnerships in the Plan.

Library employees at every level provided pivotal information that shaped internal priorities. With customer and stakeholder feedback as a guide, customer service and support staff, librarians, community library managers and assistant managers, program and services coordinators, department heads, and senior managers prioritized goals, identified action steps, and determined how to assess performance. Click here to print or download the Strategic Plan Playbook 2014

But this is only the beginning…

Ongoing input from customers, community stakeholders, and staff will continue to shape the Library’s response to existing and emerging needs. Every year, Queens Library will publish a Scorecard indicating its performance against goals in a Playbook that sets forth the coming year’s plans. This cycle of feedback, implementation, and reporting ensures that our strategy begins and ends with our customers and our community.

Like the direction we’re going? See something we missed?

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