RFID Self-Service Check-Out

RFID Self-Service Check-Out

You Saw It Here First
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an evolving technology presently deployed in only a few libraries in the U.S. As a leader in library information technology, Queens Library brought it a step further by creating the world’s first truly full-service self-checkout kiosks. The systems installed at the renovated Court Square and Corona Branches were conceptualized, developed and installed at Queens Library, with our unique, multilingual customer base in mind. They are much easier for staff and customers to use. They will allow thousands of staff hours a year to be re-deployed into on-the-floor customer service.

What is RFID check-out?
Tiny micro-thin radio transmitters are placed into every library item. When up to 16 items at once are placed on the check-out pad, the system automatically senses them, determines the status of each item, and can check them out against the customer’s account.

What makes Queens Library’s self-service system unique?
We’ve married the RFID check-out system to our accounting system, and a kiosk that is something like an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). When the customer’s library card is read, the system automatically checks the customer’s account for fines or fees owed. The customer is given the opportunity to pay on the spot by either cash, credit card or check. There are no separate lines and no staff intervention needed. The on-screen instructions are intuitive and multi-lingual, according to each community’s needs.

The creative and technological talents of dozens of staff went into the development and installation of the new system. In the end, the system eliminates long check-out lines and provides for a better library experience.