On the Horizon

On The Horizon

Future service enhancements will offer the customer a new level of interaction during their visits to Queens Libraries, or when accessing service from home, school or office.

On the horizon is a new direction in library service that looks to maximize each customer’s library experience whether during a visit at a branch or from the comfort of their homes, schools or offices. Our new customer service model will provide more options, quicker service, and ready access for customers to manage their accounts, while simultaneously freeing up library staff to do what they do best: provide personalized customer service.

The success of this new approach has been demonstrated by the pilot project, which was conducted in 2003 at the Lefferts Branch. After self-check machines were installed, traditional Reference Desks were replaced by information kiosks, eliminating the physical barrier between staff and library patrons. There was a significant increase in circulation. Customers clearly enjoyed the quick and easy system.
The same held true for Lefrak City when the renovation and relocation of that branch included the self-check machines.

The new customer service model is coming to the Central Library and Poppenhusen Branch. Self-check machines are currently available at the Flushing Library and the Jackson Heights Branch.
Twenty-four hour access has become standard in this electronic age and Queens Library will step to the plate with new online My Account features. This timely enhancement allows library customers to place or cancel book requests online for free, renew items that are not overdue, sign up for email notification and much more.

Library customers gain a sense of security and a feeling of control when they can have immediate access to their personal account information and can adjust it according to their needs and circumstances—even after regular business hours.

InfoLinQ™ will give customers even more capabilities in gathering information from power-search options, searching by language to having customers’ search information sent directly to their email addresses.

The library customer drives library services. As Queens Library continues to recognize the needs of its ever-changing customer base, it will continue to implement those programs, services and technology that meet the growing demand of the most diverse community in the nation.