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The Board of Trustees

The President Of The Board of Trustees
I am continually amazed by the Queens Library. Amazed at its resiliency during a time when businesses and long time institutions are falling all around us. I’m amazed by the incredible staff that continues to push forth the ideals of this wonderful institution, and amazed by the incomparable numbers of people who walk through the library’s doors each and every day seeking all that we have to offer.
As President of the Board of Trustees it is my goal and responsibility to reach out to others and convince them that they should support this very worthy institution. Having a seat on many other boards, I understand how difficult that job can be, especially when the economy plays a major role in the level of contribution or what is considered worthwhile. That is not now, nor has it ever been, an issue for Queens Library.

I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Board of Trustees, staff and Tom Galante to ensure that the goals of Queens Library are met and exceeded and that our community continues to receive the kinds of services and resources that they deserve—the best.
George L. Stamatiades


Library Director

The Interim Library Director

It has been a challenging year. Government funding was reduced by $10 million, which caused a loss of programs and services that are important to all of us. Nonetheless, we worked with our elected officials to save five-day service. We ensured that key long-term organizational strategies to support library services continued throughout the year. We continued our effort to expand library facilities. A new customer service model was piloted and successfully extended. We continued to strengthen our ability to raise private funding and government grants. We replaced and upgraded technology infrastructure, including all customer and staff personal computer workstations in every library.

While this past year had many challenges, we pulled together—the Board, management, staff, volunteers, Friends, private sponsors, and elected officials. People still borrow more books and other library materials from the Queens Library than from any other library in the nation. We maximized quality library service for our customers with the resources available. Now, with the economy on the upswing, we are poised to work with our elected officials to restore programs and services in the coming year. In sum, we invested in the future of the Queens Library, and we will continue to move forward.

Thomas W. Galante