Message from the Director

Library Director

Fiscal Year 2000 will be remembered for many reasons. While the world celebrated and launched a new millennium, we celebrated and launched two new state-of-the-art library branches. Circulation remained extraordinarily high – 20 items for every registered borrower, 8½ items for every man, woman and child living in the Borough. Enough people came through our doors to have filled most of Shea Stadium every single day, all year ’round. Demand for online information services and access to computer workstations skyrocketed – even though capacity increased by 25%, we still can’t fill the need. Every librarian on staff answered an average of 10,000 reference and directional questions this year. Queens Library maintained an aggressive campaign to purchase the books and other library materials that our customers need and demand, in the languages they prefer, but no matter how many we purchase, they fly off the shelves.

Did Queens Library have a successful Fiscal Year 2000? Not as successful as 2001 will be.