Message from the President

President, Board of Trustees

We recently received the following letter from a library customer: “…My son loves to read! And he always insists we buy books or borrow books. This is exciting because I was a terrible reader and a poor student. A cycle has been broken right before my eyes and it started at the Queens Borough Public Library. Again, I want to thank you all for encouraging us both to read. I give thanks for the Library services!”

The public library is the only institution in our modern society that guards the right of every individual to learn, to know, to stay informed, to access excellence, as he so chooses. This is a tremendous job and an awesome responsibility. We, on the Board of Trustees, have to make plans now to keep Queens Library strong for public service, not just tomorrow, but twenty and fifty years from now. What kind of facilities will be needed? To serve how many people? And what kinds of information will they need and want to know?

Through thorough strategic planning and by forging partnerships with government, other community organizations and the private sector, we hope to be fiscally and intellectually ready for any eventuality. Fiscal Year 2000 was an exciting time to participate in the dynamics that will shape Queens Library’s future. I thank my fellow trustees as well as the library’s staff for their leadership and creativity, and look forward to even more exciting times to come.